How to Enter: Fill out the form below. Send your address and a note about your library, classroom, or a special reader in your life that would benefit from a super silly graphic novel written in their own language! I've got a stack from my Chinese publisher and I'd love to see them go to good homes. ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED BY NOON NYC-TIME MONDAY, JULY 28.

You may get one book. You may get an entire set! All depends on how many people submit. If there are more than the number of copies I have I'll pick names out of a hat. Librarians and Teachers will get preference since it means the book will get to hang out in more kids' hands.

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If there’s one thing I like as much as I like writing silly things, it’s talking about silly things. If you’re interested in a school visit or bookstore event just drop me a line! I love doing book readings, hands-on workshops, and even long-distance Skype visits.

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